Thursday, November 18, 2010

Forms 4/IV Class Photos 2010

Form IV 2010
Form 4 2010

3/III Class Photos 2010

Form III 2010
Form 3 2010

The 2010 Exam Period Has Ended

Today marks the end of our 2010 examination period: three months during which our 4/IV students wrote their IGCSE papers, our 5/V students wrote their HIGCSE and AS papers, and our 1/I, 2/II, and 3/III students wrote their internal papers.

Two other things are noteworthy: the first is that HIGCSE is now officially dead since the last papers have been written. From now on all 5/V work will be AS level. Secondly, a Cambridge Inspector visited the school and not only gave us a clean bill of health, but also remarked that Sifundzani was the best of the 26 schools that she visited in Swaziland. She was checking schools' worthiness as Examination Centres.